About me

I’m a freelance designer, strategist and art director based in Belgium.

Since my childhood I’ve been obsessed with creating: making something out of nothing. Initially my dream was to become a pastry chef, but I dropped that ambition once my mom told me pastry chefs have to wake up early.

Driven by my obsession to create, both my head and my computer screen are home to many ideas. My specialities include – but are not limited to – strategy, ideation, branding, UX, UI, and creative constultancy. I'm a firm believer of co-creation and a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to any project.

Check out my selected list of projects. Due to the nature of some projects, an extended portfolio is available on request.

I’m in constant search of new opportunities to collaborate and create.
Drop me a line: hello@jeffrybaecker.be
Or give me a call: +32 485 504 173